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New York Auto Transport Services

Lets Rock Auto Transport, Inc.
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Lets Rock Auto Transport, Inc.
US DOT # 2067909 ~ MC # 723001

New York Auto Transport Services – Lets Rock Auto Transport

  • New York Auto Transport Services – Long Island to Florida Transport Specialist
  • Long Island’s Finest Insured Car Carrier trusted for over 30 years!
  • Specializing in 3-day delivery service between New York & Florida!
  • Affordable, competitive rates for personalized auto transportation needs!
  • Florida to Long Island Auto Transport service now available
  • Deal Direct Auto Transporters – No Broker
  • Insured Auto Transport services
  • Auto Transporting Weekly Trips



Lets Rock Auto Transport, Inc. offers expert, white glove New York Auto Transport Services from Long Island to Florida transport, and interstate auto transport service. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff treats each customer like family – with understanding, respect, and care. We focus to alleviate the stress of car shipping. We provide the most reliable, convenient, & safest transport of your vehicle, (your investment), on your schedule. Our service is national, yet specialized between New York and Florida. Let’s Rock Auto Transport services company’s mission is to have a mutually stress-free relationship with our satisfied customers. 

Message from Rusty, the Owner:

“I’ve been in the car shipping business for over 30 years. Many of these past years have been business through traditional advertising, word-of-mouth, and over the telephone. In this new computer age of internet shopping, people can now access and arrange to ship their cars without contact, or reassurance from the actual car carrier. I run a small, experienced, reliable company who appreciates & respects our customers and their needs. We answer when we are called; we are honest, reliable, and responsible.”

Lets Rock New York Auto Transport, Inc.
US DOT # 2067909 ~ MC # 723001

Our philosophy has earned us a AAA business rating over the years, and our customers are secure in knowing they can make a flight reservation to their destination, and trust that their car will be delivered by Lets Rock Auto Transport Services as promised.”

 Long Island, New York Auto Transport Services – Lets Rock Auto Transport

Top 5 Secrets Most Auto Transport Brokers Won’t Tell You

  1. The money deposit you give to a Broker to ship your car is not a deposit; it’s the Broker’s fee. (The average amount is $100-$200 per reservation)
  2. Brokers lead you to believe they are shipping your car. They do not. (Your car is sub-contracted to an actual Car Carrier.)
  3. Brokers typically call you back with a rate increase after you have agreed upon a rate and have given a “deposit.” (The honest Car Carriers cannot ship your car for the originally quoted price.)
  4. Pick up and Delivery times are longer than need be. (Brokers do not know who the carrier is going to be, or what the carrier’s actual schedule is.)
  5. The best solution to transport your car is to deal directly with a trusted Car Carrier like Lets Rock Auto Transport Services.