Frequently Asked Questions

Lets Rock Auto Transport, Inc.
US DOT # 2067909 ~ MC # 723001

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Transport?
Auto transport is a professional specialty business of moving your personal vehicle from one location to another without adding mileage or wear and tear to your investment.

What is the difference between choosing a broker or a carrier?
A broker is not a carrier.  Brokers earn an additional $50-$200 added to the cost of shipping your vehicle.  They dispatch your car to actual carriers.  Their knowledge of transporting is limited as they do not do the actual shipping of your car.  A carrier is the actual transporter who loads, moves, and unloads your vehicle.

How long have you been in business?
Lets Rock Auto Transport, Inc. has been in the auto transportation industry for over thirty years.  Our professionalism and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business longevity.

Are you licensed & insured?
Our company has authority to transport automobiles interstate by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Administration, and we are fully insured with both liability and cargo coverage.

Where in the USA does your company transport Autos?
We specialize in transporting autos between New York & Florida.  We ship vehicles between the east and west coast of the United States 2-4 times per year.

What is Door to Door Service?
Door to Door service is a pick up and drop off at your locations provided the carrier can access them within a reasonable distance.  The carriers are 80 feet long, 14 feet high, and can weigh as much as 40 tons.  They are limited in terms of the streets they can travel on, and they cannot travel on streets with low-lying wires or trees. We do our best to accommodate door to door customers by meeting them or driving them back to their home or business.

Where are your terminals?
We have a total of four terminal locations – two in New York: L.I. MacArthur Airport, Quogue; Two in Florida: West Palm Beach, and Ft. Myers.

How can I get to/from the airport to the terminal where my car is?
Our Islip, N.Y.  terminal is centrally and conveniently located at L.I. MacArthur Airport, steps away from the main terminal, with 24-7 drop off and pick up. Our terminal in West Palm offers FREE shuttle service to/from the airport during the hours of 5 AM – 11 PM every half hour.  The other terminal transport options are through a friend, neighbor, relative, or by making arrangements in advance with our office.

What is the procedure if I decide to ship my car with your company?
Placing a reservation to ship your vehicle with us is easy.  Simply call our office and we take your information for the dates that work for you.  We explain the transport procedure over the phone and we keep in contact as the date gets closer.

What does it cost?
We offer three different rates to ship a car between New York & Florida: terminal to terminal service, door to door service, and door to terminal / terminal to door service. Rates depend upon the point of origin, the point of destination, the make and model of vehicle, and the time of year. Call for your individualized quote today!

How long does it take?
We work on a set schedule.  The transport time between New York and Florida is 3 days.

Can I pack my car with personal items?
Each vehicle may be packed with up to 100 lbs. of cargo.  (That equates to two mid-size suitcases and golf clubs)  The reason each car’s cargo must be limited is because there are highway weight limit requirement laws, thus, the restriction must be passed on to each and every vehicle loaded onto the carrier.

Why should I choose your company?
Lets Rock Auto Transport, Inc. is a company that treats you like family.  We care about you, your schedule, and your need of the safe and successful transport of your investment – your car.


Frequently Asked Questions


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